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Real name:
Vincenzo Cecere
Activity Level
City: Giugliano In Campania (NA), Italy
Favorite position: Qualsiasi
3 friends
2 wins in a row 2 goals in a match 10 organized matches 50 appearances 50 goals The friendly guy The agent The playing tester The organizer-tester The traveller The organizer-traveller The junkie Two goals The journalist The critic Treble The feminist Goal stairway Diabolical Performance The judge The workaholic The early  bird Lunch is ready! The werewolf Santa Claus Trick or Treat Cupid The bissextile Awards magnet Positive influence The Leader The jury The polyhedric The bulldog The brazilian Super Gump The wall of fire The last bulwark The sniper 2 Best Goal in his career 2 Great Save in his career 2 Forrest in his career 2 Altruist in his career 2 Wall in his career 2 Leonidas in his career 2 Juggler in his career 2 Grenadier in his career 2 Director in his career 2 Man of the Match in his career Ambassador Kappa







Vincenzo Cecere
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Vincenzo Cecere hasn't played his first match, yet!